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Chiropractic Services

I have two very basic philosophies that govern my daily practice;

First, you will find that I provide more service than I get paid for. I take time to address every complaint my patients have, literally from head to toe. My approach to patient care is to treat every structural dysfunction and soft tissue problem you may have so your body may function better naturally.

Secondly, I get results. Proper diagnosis and treatment are essential to getting results. By taking time to listen, examine, diagnose and properly treat your specific conditions, together we will see results from your first visit.

Drop Table

Adjustment Technique

I have used a Zenith 440 / Thompson drop table since day one. It gives me mechanical leverage to properly adjust while maximizing patient comfort. There’s no twisting of your body with this adjustment style and this technique is taught in every chiropractic college in the United States. I also utilize electric muscle stimulation and / or therapeutic ultrasound if your condition requires it, at no extra charge.

I use the following specialized techniques in my practice;
Thompson Chiropractic Method, Diversified Chiropractic Method, and the Pierce-Stillwagon Chiropractic Method.

Chiropractic Consultations

Consultations are always free, whether in my office or over the phone. This is where you and I determine if I can help you. I would never ask you to pay for something that wouldn’t help you. There have been a few occasions where I determined I couldn’t help someone so I referred them to the healthcare provider I thought could. These are rare exceptions with unusual circumstances. The overwhelming majority of people that seek treatment from me receive it, on the first visit.

If you have x-rays, I would like to see them, but they are not usually necessary for treatment. Certain circumstances may require them and you will know prior to your treatment.